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I’m sure you’ve often heard, “I live an organic, non-toxic life” or “We’ve switched to organic living”. However, what is organic living? And how do you ‘shift to organic?’

Organic living is adhering to a lifestyle that improves the health of the individual, while at the same time promoting the health of the environment. 

Sounds reasonably simple, but the task of adopting a completely organic lifestyle can be seen as daunting, expensive and pretty hard.

How do you even begin living a toxic-free life all of a sudden? Is it essential to throw everything away and start over? Of course not! Everyone has considerations; time, money, family commitments just to name a few so start small and move up from there.

Here are just some tips to get you started. 


Cotton ladies Leggings - sooti organics

One often associates organic living to food or nutrition. However, the easiest way to shift is by making a change in your wardrobe style. It’s not just important what you put in your body, but also what you put on.

With this thought we came up with Sooti- Organic Ethical Clothing. Through this brand we want to make women feel good and fashionable. Sooti guarantees certified, sustainable and ethically made clothing.

Did you know that conventional cotton uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop? It is the most widely used fibre in the clothing industry, but less than 0.1% of it is organic – not enough if you ask us.

Clothing is meant to be soft and comfortable and this is exactly what organic ethical clothing provides us. The fabric is more durable as it has longer, softer and less brittle fibres. Organic Cotton clothes are much for absorbent and breathable and easier to take care of. You can read more about the benefits of Organic cotton here.

While there are numerous options for organic clothing options for babies, we couldn’t find many for new mums and women who want to make the healthy switch. This is why we decided to come out with women’s sustainable clothing, Sooti.  A mother’s body is sensitive and organic women’s wear helps her feel as comfortable as clothing can be!

As Organic Cotton is extremely breathable and absorbent, they also turn out to be great workout clothes! Wear them to your gym or yoga sessions and feel as light as air.

Our current women’s online store includes, ladies top, sports bra, short leggings, cotton ladies panties, yoga pants, long cotton dresses and many more.  Shop organic clothing at our online store Sooti Organics.


Beauty is a big spending area for women. In 2016 alone, the revenue of the US cosmetic industry was circa $63 billion! That’s a lot of cosmetics. If there was an industry shift towards organic cosmetics, imagine the impact that could have. Here are a few things you can do. While purchasing new beauty products always make sure you check the ingredients. You should look out for parabens and phthalates. They are a no! Or do your research on ‘Organic’ beauty brands and then follow a trusted one. Unfortunately, many cosmetic brands claim to be ‘Organic’ but still contain these elements. So make sure you always do a quick ingredients check before buying your cosmetics. If you’re up for some artsy work and have some time on your hand then there are numerous easy DIY Organic product videos available.   


Shifting completely to organic food can become a bit overwhelming.  In order to swiftly make the transition to organic produce, you can start targeting one food group at a time. You can start with milk as that is the main dietary component in your child’s diet and forms a major source of calcium in your diet too. There is nothing like some farm fresh organic milk and eggs from your local farmers. Rather than purchasing packed and mass produced items, try looking for local farmers who deal in seasonal produce. 

The New Zealand organic sector is now worth over half a billion dollars, prompting claims that it has gone mainstream. So regardless of where you live, you should be able to get if not all but a few organic products to start.

You can start with these and then make a change one step at a time. As you start switching and making conscious choices you will notice a difference in your attitude towards the things you use in life.



Everyone wants their home smelling fresh and nice. Bathroom air refreshers, room sprays, plug-ins, scented candles, perfume, body mist are full of toxic chemicals and blow toxic fumes into your homes. You can switch to other natural elements that are healthy and light on the pocket. To help your home keep smelling fresh you can switch to essential oils. Beeswax candles, potpourri, and natural sprays. If money is tight, lavender, pine, lemon, cedar wood, cinnamon leaf, and sweet orange can be used for air refreshing purposes.



Dirty spots and stains need not always be sent to the dry cleaners. Harsh chemical bleaches can also harm you clothes and cause them to lose their charm. The natural alternatives such as lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda are a healthier and cheaper option. When you run out of your current cleaner, you can simply replace it with these non-toxic alternatives one at a time. To add that freshness to your clothes, you can also try using essential oils.


Let us know if any of these tips were helpful. And what else you have been doing to move towards a more organic living style.


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