5 Tips on How to Shop Ethical and Eco-friendly on a Budget

Save money and shop ethical and ecofriendly on a budget
Shop Ethical and Eco-friendly on a budget

Shopping ethical clothing takes care of the environment as well as the entire supply chain which produces your clothes. Starting from the farmer, to the manufacturer to the retailer, everyone is paid a fair wage. That is why an organic cotton tee shirt comes at a price dearer than your regular fast fashion tee shirt.

Ethical and eco-friendly clothing is important, and the best part is that it can be affordable as well. If you care about making a difference to the environment, and to the lives of the millions of workers in the clothing manufacture industry, you need to know how to shop for ethical and eco-friendly clothing on a budget. In this article, you will see some tips to help you achieve this. 

Before we begin the tips, we would like to highlight one really important point about being ethical and eco-friendly. 

Get it right; Go Organic 

Many people assume that ethical and eco-friendly purchases are just anything made with natural fibres. But remember just selecting natural fibres is not enough. The process of producing these ‘natural’ fabrics matters. Conventional cotton takes a lot more chemicals than organically produced cotton so it is important to go for organic. Organic Cotton is farmed with traditional ways of farming. We have a lot more information about Organic on our blog here.

Now let’s look at some tips to buy organic and ethical on a budget. 

1. Find Affordable and Organic Brands and Follow them 

Getting to know the brand of clothing you want is important; it helps you know what they stand for. This way you can decide to go for brands that stand for values you care about. It is more than just the products that you are buying, it is also what the brand’s mission is about. If you want to shop for ethical and eco-friendly clothing, it is important that you can take some time out to get to know the brand. Luckily you can by quickly browsing through their website, following them on Insta and Facebook and reading up about them. This will not only keep you up to date with what’s on offer but also keep you in the know when they have a sale on. Sooti has an affordable and luxurious range of organic cotton clothing, suitable for travel, work and yoga.

2. Be intentional about purchases 

Shopping for eco-friendly clothing needs to be deliberate. This is the basis of slow fashion. You need to pay attention to the clothes you buy making sure that they are exactly what you are looking for. Organic Clothing lasts a lot longer than conventional clothing so when you spare your hard-earned money on something that you really want, you will automatically save money as your clothes will be durable and last a lot longer. Everyone that gets budget-friendly and eco-friendly clothing are intentional about their purchases, being mindful about what they wear. 

3. Find your ‘Style Sister’ and share your clothes

The tip you have been waiting for! Whether you have a friend or a sister or mum who shares the same ideology and of course size when it comes to fashion, make her your ‘Style Sister’. Go out shopping together and see which styles you both like. Try some clothing and see what fits and suits you both. Or order online and then make a style evening out of it trying out clothes. Return what doesn’t fit. And share what does fit. This will not only take your buck a longer way, it will also enhance your existing wardrobe allowing you accessibility to more styles. 

4. Head to Recycled Boutiques and Op Shops for a bargain

Because organic clothing lasts so much longer than conventional fast fashion, many well used organic clothes land up in recycled boutiques still looking as good as new. When you find a style you love, don’t let it go. 

5. Follow eco-friendly and ethical fashion related blogs 

There are several good blogs about ethical clothing and sustainable slow fashion. They will not only keep you updated with articles and posts about new ethical brands and labels. They also often have giveaways and discount codes for buying from newer brands. Follow blogs you like and keep your budget in the check. 

In conclusion, eco-friendly clothing brands are the right way to go and now with these suggestions, you can proceed to a beautiful wardrobe of eco-friendly and ethical clothing all at budget-friendly prices. From essentials to sports to work clothing, you got it all covered. 

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