Top 5 clothing picks for your next tropical getaway

Everyone loves a break. Some time away from the monotony and humdrum of routine in life, some time when the kids get full attention from us, when we explore as a family and take endless pictures on the phone. Time to sit at a breakfast table just five minutes longer than the usual ‘eat cereal get out the house’ routine. The lingering conversation with a hot cuppa in hand. Holidays are what everyone looks forward to!!!

Girl looking outside window
dreaming of a tropical getaway?

When I put up a stall in February at the General Collective Lifestyle and Design Market at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland, a lot of women came to my stall looking for comfortable clothing they could travel in. They definitely had come to the right stall, and I then had thought of putting together a little article to show how our versatile collection of organic cotton clothing was actually perfect to travel in. Especially, if you were taking off to somewhere warm; Hawaii, Fiji, Raro anyone ..? Especially, if you were taking off somewhere warm; Hawaii, Fiji, Raro anyone ..?

Let’s just look at some basic rules for packing when travelling. You want to – 

  • Not get off the plane looking like you got out of bed at home
  • Not be in clothing which will give you a hard time sitting for 5 hours
  • Not pay huge sums of money just buying luggage capacity
  • Not be caught out wearing the same pants 5 days in a row
  • Not not have enough underwear! 

In essence, the below is what you want to do –

  • travel light, 
  • travel comfortable, 
  • look fashionable and hip, 
  • have a few versatile clothing pieces which compliment each other nicely
  • Have a few special outfits
  • Think about cultural appropriation
  • Think about the weather
  • Accessorize! – Scarfs, headbands and some jewellery can help change a look so quickly
  • Lastly, leave some room in your luggage in case shopping ‘occurred’

Having looked at all the above, let’s look at all the options you are presented with through Sooti to travel in comfort and in style.

All of Sooti’s clothing are made of certified organic cotton. We already have established the benefits of organic cotton here. Organic cotton is naturally moisture absorbing, making it the fabric of choice when you go visiting a hot and humid country.

Flight Pants

The Dhoti Pants

These win hands down, no questions asked, as the best travel pants. They look cool and are so comfortable. They allow room for movement, don’t look like leggings, in case you (like me) are against ‘legging’ travel. 

They also pair nicely with a tee or a jumper, depending on the weather. 

the best flight pants

And most importantly, you wont need to pack another pair of pants for all the yoga/pilates you were going to get in while on holiday. 

The Lounge Pants

These organic cotton are the second best for travel. Comfy as a par of leggings, and super cool. Fold them slightly up at the ankle for the cropped pants look. 

Pair with a tee for some casual lounging or with a wrap top for a dinner out.

The Active Tights

If you are the person who loves to travel as comfortably as possible, then we have many options of organic cotton leggings. They come in several colours so you   have enough to choose from. 

Pair with a matching sports bra.

If you are pregnant and looking for comfortable travel clothes then look at our Pregnancy Leggings. These are leggings without the ‘legging’ look! They look like pants with a seam at the front. And go over the stomach.


The Wrap Top

I love this. Got them for yoga and then found them so cool and comfortable that I now wear them to work (and yoga). Versatile most of all tops! Made of certified organic cotton, they are immensely comfortable, you have to wear them to believe it.

The Box Tee

There was not a more comfortable tee made! These tees hang slightly lower at the back than at the front giving an asymmetrical fall which is so much cooler than a regular square tee. 

They are so comfy that they could easily be worn to bed too if necessary.


The Chaser Bra

The last thing you want in a humid country is an underwired bra. Uncomfortable bras can cause enough misery to ruin a holiday so pack your most comfy bra. If you are looking to buy a comfortable bra of travel, our Chaser Bras come in various colours, are made of organic cotton, have no wires. Choose our padded bra if looking for a little more support.


Sooti’s boy shorts and bikinis are made of organic cotton and come in various colours. They are also anti chafe giving you stress free travel.

Fоr undеrwеаr, I’d rесоmmеnd оnе fоr еvеrу day of уоur trip up tо week.if you’re traveling for lоngеr thаn one wееk уоu саn hаnd wаѕh them аlоng thе way. 

A small note here that ideally yоu’ll wаnt tо сhооѕе уоur undеrwеаr and bras аftеr уоu’vе сhоѕеn уоur clothing, ѕо you knоw exactly what соlоurѕ and ѕtуlеѕ tо сhооѕе. 

So throw in a couple of these versatile items in your travel bag; mix and match with items from your wardrobe, pack some swimsuits, sunnies and sunscreen and you will be all set with bags packed for your next holiday.

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