Tips to sneak Yoga into your Busy Mum Life

Yoga into your busy mum life

No one can deny the fact that yoga is quite beneficial for our body. Yoga builds strength, harmony and awareness in mind and body and needs to be a part of our daily lives! We totally believe it. It’s how we fit it in is the hard part.

When you become a mum, the new being in your life takes over and rightly so! So how do you find time for yourself and more than that, how do you find time to do some yoga. 

Every mum is busy! Honestly, now that my kids go to school, I feel like I had a little more time at my hands when they were just babies. So if you have just had a baby, know that you will need to start now to make time for yourself and including it in your family’s routine. 

It’s not going to be easy, and there are no drastic steps here. Slow and easy is the way to go. Here we explore some tips on how you can make time for yoga in your daily life.

Tip 1 – Buy comfy yoga clothes you can sleep in, or change into them the moment you wake up! 

Comfy yoga tank and knickers

Sometimes (and a lot of times for me), getting into the right gear is the biggest impediment to get started with something. Cannot go out in the rain without a rain jacket, cannot jog in sketchers.. Our mind creates these boundaries for us. So let’s break them. Get into your comfortable yoga gear as soon as you are up, so the first step is already done! If you can’t sleep in your yoga gear, wear some comfy camisole and knickers and put on your yoga pants when you are up! Once you are in your comfy, flexible yoga pants, the whole day is your drawing board. You can draw in any number of yoga poses that you want to.

Tip 2 – Place your yoga mat right next to your bed

Before you sleep, do this tiny thing and you will seriously do yourself a favour. When you wake up and your feet touch the mat, there is nothing stopping you. Well in all likelihood, you could have a crying baby calling out to you, but the mat is already there right? You can come back, no extra effort needed in bringing out a yoga mat! Now all you need is a few downward dogs and there, you’ve snuck in some yoga even without realising it!

Tip 3 – Get up Early

Or more importantly, wake up before the baby does. Now this can get slightly tricky if you co sleep, but if you can wake up even 10 minutes before you child wakes up, you can get a whole lot of yoga in. With Tip 1 and Tip 2 already done, this one will leave you with absolutely no grounds to sidetrack yoga. 

Tip 4 – Sort your Yoga routine out

The last thing you want is to be wearing your yoga gear, standing on your mat at 6 am in the morning, trying to find videos of what you can be doing. So the next time you have a spare moment, don’t spend it on Insta! Do some research. Find some routines that can work for you, maybe a 10 minute video, and then another 10 minute one with a few different poses in case the child decides to sleep in. You can buy Yoga flash cards these days, maybe that can work for you. All of this applies only if you are a beginner. If you aren’t, you’ll already be whipping out yoga poses by now!

Tip 5 – Involve your kids 

Mum and baby doing yoga together outdoors
Include your children in yoga

Say your child woke up mid way through your yoga session. That should not indicate the end of your routine. Children love activity. They mimic their peers, siblings and adults. They would love to mimic you. Include your child in your yoga. They will love it. I have tried this. It’s harder to focus but they love it. We often end up giggling, and laughing and them falling over each other, but it’s great.

Tip 6 – Book some time for yourself

If you are a working mum, or can manage to tag team with your partner and book some time for yourself, do it. At the end of the the day, nothing beats a yoga session at a studio or with an instructor. Try a lunch time session if you are at work or a late evening session, which means you aren’t missing out on family dinner time.

Tip 7 – Breathe

This is the last tip, but it is the most important and the most powerful one. If you are busy in the kitchen or you are cleaning, you can always do pranayama (yoga breathing exercises). You can do it all the time quite easily, just need to practise it. Your mind will relax, and it will reduce stress. 

So, Breathe, breathe and breathe and get some yoga in.

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