And the Oscar goes to..

I always knew I wanted to do something with cotton, that soft magical feel of my granny’s muslin sari, I just wanted that same feeling for my children when they were born. That’s when I started researching Organic Cotton. I found several online retailers catering to baby clothes but none for the precious mums. That’s how Soul Space, our Organic Cotton Activewear range became our first market offering. Because the mums are important too! Organic Cotton for the mums.. Brilliant!

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Mostly in my dreams until one day I chanced upon The Secret Coffee Group. And I haven’t looked back.

I want to dedicate this post to credits.

And this list is definitely not complete. This is just a starting point.

The Secret Coffee Group – You know sometimes you have an idea, and then sometimes you have a brilliant idea and you just want it out there! Happening! In Reality. Thats what SCG did for me. It gave me this push to bring my idea to fruition. It gave me a starting point, a few quick answers to my hundred questions, a few contacts with others in similar situations and in a couple of months after my first class, I was a registered business owner.

The SCG is run by Jen Jones who is so awesome and lovely and endearing. So if you have this desire to bring an idea to life, talk to her on @thesecretcoffeegroup

The Current Heart Project – Mina de Villiers is the owner of the Current Heart Project. She said she changed her heart too often about what she wanted to do most, and so she named her business The ‘Current Heart’ project. Pretty clever I thought! Mina is pretty clever at other things too, like magically transforming boring surroundings to awesome shoot locations! Yes she is the awesome photographer who worked on the arduous task of bringing 50 or so outfits to life. She is patient, and has a very keen eye. She also predicts weather!

If you need someone you can bank on for qua

lity images, talk to @thecurrentheartproject

Renee Diment – Renee is a young mum and a fitness trainer. She loves good and healthy living, and was the perfect fit for Sooti, embracing the same values in her day to day life. She runs a fitness channel and helps many mamas (or not) get on track with their fitness goals. Check her out at @reneediment.

Tayla Coulbeck – Tayla is a dancer who specialises in contemporary dance. She is young and passionate about dancing. She is also dedicated model, making sure the poses were always done right. Follow her on @tay_renay.

Rebecca Wyatt – Rebecca is a dancer who specialises in ballet, and teaches barre and yoga! She has a very casual style and flair which showcases the outfits beautifully. Follow her on @chikawyatt.

Mina, Renee, Tayla and Rebecca helped me get looking so cool and fantastic.

So the Oscar goes to… ofcourse Sooti!

It always takes an ensemble cast to make a movie, it always takes a village to raise a child and it takes a whole team to run a business.

Make sure you check the pics out.

Don’t to give the models a shout out when they rock the outfit!

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