When I am stressed my heart and mind wander nostalgically to Kolkata, and the summers spent in my grandma’s backyard. I can close my eyes and feel her soft sari sweeping against my skin, and in that moment I am calmed.

Hoping to share this same sense of calm with you I present ‘Sooti’-  a range of sustainably sourced, ethical, and certified organic wares. 

‘Sooti’ symbolises thread-  the thread which binds my two homes of India and New Zealand into one. Allowing me to share with you a piece of that sacred serenity and calm.

My mother in India, hand selects all of our certified organic materials through sustainable local sources, so we can guarantee the quality of all that we share with you.

The faces behind ‘Sooti’

I am Shireen, founder and the main face behind Sooti, but we are most definitely a family affair.

My husband Arijit is the ‘techie’ and my mother Sujata, a sounding board, as well as being the eyes and ears on the ground in India, having established first-hand relationships with our trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

Arijit and I made New Zealand home over a decade ago, settling down in the ‘City of Sails’ that is Auckland with our two little boys, Dhruv and Rana.

Through Sooti, we wish to share some of the best bits of India with you.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Deepa says:

    so very cool Shireen and Arijit!
    Loving the website and eager to get hold of a few items from the selection!
    all the best 🙂

  2. phoenixflights says:

    got the lounge pants https://www.sooti.co.nz/product/lounge-pants/ 2 weeks ago and have worn multiple times already!
    the waist elastic band felt comfortable yet fit well. Its got a nice fit that does not slouch.
    Been wearing them for travel on flights, to the supermarkets and the bright lovely olive color goes well with so many of my tops! 🙂


  3. Kaye Farmer says:

    I’m tall and wondering if your cropped leggings would be long enough for me. My inner leg measurements for 7/8 is 24 inches. What style would you recommend for me?

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